Instasave - Grab from Instagram Photos & Repost It类别: 摄影与录像语言: 英语价格¥ 6.00 90天内限免次数 0 次 是否有内购有简介Repost without WaterMark & Coins Freely & Know you can Repost WithOut Login also Grab Repost allow you to repost photos,videos On Instagram.- Repost Photo or Video with original Caption.- Repost Freely (No Watermark).- User Timeline Posts browsing and sharing.- Browse Popular Photos/Videos to Repost.- Repost Pictures and Videos you’ve liked before.- Favorite Photos/Videos so you can repost them on another day. Wingy - Smart Proxy For Http,Socks5,Shadowrocket类别: 工具语言: 简体中文, 繁体中文, 英语价格¥ 6.000 90天内限免次数 1 次 是否有内购无简介(.19 限免)一款也比较老牌的科学上网工具了,需要自己进行代理设置。虽然应用以前免费过,但今年以来都是收费形式的了。至于具体设置就需要有一定的知识储备了。.Smart Proxy Utility 画画 格 & 布局 照片 追踪 纸 by Myvinchy类别: 效率语言: 英语价格¥ 6.00 90天内限免次数 1 次 是否有内购无简介(.19 限免)一款之前免费、最近开始收费的绘画模板应用,能够帮你把照片去掉色彩、列出布局和结构,或以方格划分照片,让它变成你绘画临摹时的参照模板。注:应用内语言为英语。.Myvinchy is a drawing tool that has been a year in the making - working with designers, artists and design students together to create a simplified and enhanced illustration process.Myvinchy lets you draw proportionally correct using Augmented Reality, an extensive Drawing Grid Mode, various drawing templates and a system, that creates pixel-perfect outline-stencils from your own pictures!_Draw like using Tracing Paper:Myvinchy actively helps you to draw and design better - using customizable outlines of the picture that you want to draw are being intelligently placed over your illustration while you sketch. It is specifically designed for illustrators, artists and designers, who want to create illustrations and sketches faster, more precisely and with a better focus on proportions.Key Features:· Drawing Grid Mode: To layout and structure your drawings and paintings, a flexible grid can be applied to your image that you can customize to your needs. Plus, Myvinchy automatically calculates the size of the canvas and of each grid cell for you so you can just start sketching!· Customizable Stencils: For abstract and detailed drawing, you can choose to create transparent outline-stencils of your pictures that you use like tracing paper!· Assistance Mode: For maximum precision, activate the assistance mode - Myvinchy detects your drawing and reduces shaking by letting the stencil follow your drawing.· Various Grids and Templates that you can choose from - E.g. an Isometric drawing grid, 2 portrait drawing templates that help you draw a proportionally correct face. My Checkbook类别: 财务语言: 英语价格¥ 6.00 90天内限免次数 1 次 是否有内购无简介My Checkbook is the easiest way to manage your checkbook.And now, you can manage your checkbook wherever you are.Based on the award-winning My Checkbook desktop application for OS X and Windows.Weve started with just the basics, keeping track of how much you spend and earn.More features coming soon.Our promise is to keep it simple!Features:Track Spending & DepositsMultiple AccountsLock with passcode (optional)Let us know what you think using the Provide Feedback button in the app Menu.NOTE: This product does not currently sync with the desktop version.It also cannot open the files created by the desktop version.This release is intended for new users.We will be working on a smooth upgrade path for desktop users who want to transition to the iPhone.If you would like to do this, please create a support ticket on our website and well notify you when this feature is available. 每个 App 的限免时间段都不固定,所以喜欢的一定要尽快收了